Monday, 4 November 2013

A sense of familiarity hit me as soon as i came upon Dickson road which was my starting point of the route in Little India. I looked up the facades just to realize how Wanderlust: A Member of Design Hotels also has a flash of white paint, warm tones to the building.  Beautiful detailing stickers which brings about an oriental vibe. 'Wander - lust': I can't help but to fall even deeper into this string of desire to pick up notions of my parallel reality. 

There came an annoymous tune. That tune. 

And it triggered my memories and recollected that in my virtual journey an annoymous tune was constantly disseminating throughout the streets, the bells of the bicycles "Jing-lings". Despite it sounding relaxing and jovial, it carries an alarming tone to it as though as heavy as a warning to me to be careful of the cyclists around the street. 

Stepping into the Wanderlust hotel, it definitely brings a wave of memories recalling and reminding me how the interior of the Hotel Alexandra feel. The first thing I can't help but to take notice was is the  alignment of the both spaces that are imbricating. I feel like I'm conversing with my thoughts so immensely that it's almost as if a translator tool; translating all the virtual into reality. Piecing all the missing puzzles back in place. 

Sharing a same serious expression on their face, as though they have a destination they'd wish to reach as soon as they could.

Arriving Dickson's, a cafeteria, another familiarity strucked me as the facade is situated at the same angle; and very often having it's name right at the middle as well. They just almost felt like it's the same building.
Here we are meeting the trishaw in Singapore instead of the Christiana bikes the other time they seem to develop 

Heading down to Gharoya Restaurant which was parallel with Manfred's and Vin in the travel. Both signboard greets me as I stood outside of the shop. More than it just being a signboard with menus written all over it. It somehow replaces the waitress who would serve you before you get your seats. They seem seemingly welcoming. The street is pretty quiet and serene here. Not much of traffic as in the main Buffolo Road.

Moving further down we are at Tamil Nadu Specialities.

The lady looking over to the left direction whilst the guy seem to be tilting his head towards the opposite direction. At the same spot of the market place, they seem to be looking for each other. Perhaps they have been waiting for each other this whole life time? Who knows? 

The last time I was able to meet the friendly barista Melissa, this time at Little India, i came across and I happen to meet this wonderful lady while browsing the magazines selling at the stall. She tried to start a conversation with me while i was casually flipping them, wondering if I would be able to read and understand the magazines? I was caught upon the question and gave a little chuckle, "I was just curious about them." She smiled and briefly addressed herself as Vishaakam. She stood by the counter, checking out and attending to customers warmly, though most of the time she seemed worn out. 

Down the streets, Indians often form themselves into small crowds, for the first few times we'd stopped by to peep through what was gaining so much of their interest. Oh, it was a mobile sale. The second time, all of their undivided attention centered onto a certain point. Following their gaze, i looked over. Oh, they were purely enjoying the television, probably watching their bollywood movies(?). 

Immune to the crowds they formed, we walked down the lanes as per usual. 
"OI! What you doing?!"
"Get lost!
"Inside got big ones, you want?!

Startled and shocked to find a Chinese uncle in his fifthties, pointing at us, snarling and glaring at us. Until the point we'd realise we were actually at the prosituition lane 

The same kind of stern stare look into the camera, just as i thought the above was the younger him whilst the bottom one was 20 years later. Still that same stare in the eyes, still captivating.

"Love of Freedom, Freedom to Love" they say. 

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